Open Iftar Night Kitchen



This Friday night at Moor Theatre Delicatessen, OKSC will celebrate both Refugee Week and the start of Ramadan with a breaking of bread meal, 8 ’til late in the old Woolworth’s building, opposite Debenhams.

We hope that many of our regular members will join us and also hope to reach out to a new audience at Moor Deli, one of Sheffield’s newest and most exciting community venues.  Our event will include meat and vegetarian dishes, created by our team from both bought and donated goods.  We will entertain guests with music from around the world, provided both “in house” and on request, for a truly interactive experience.  A samosa workshop and radish carving competition will also inspire and amuse our guests.  As Ramadan will be underway by Friday, we will break bread together at Iftar, the moment that the sun sets and those that are fasting are permitted to break their fast,  In doing this, we hope to bring people of different faiths and no faith together in solidarity to celebrate the message of Refugee Week.

Our exhibition can be viewed at Moor Deli all week and there are many events taking place as part of their Refuge Festival.  On Wednesday, the Eritrean community of Sheffield will hold an event to educate people about their plight and reasons for flight.  On Thursday, a fashion show by Northern Refugee Centre will see inspiration from around the world celebrated in materials and patterns on the catwalk.  On Saturday the play Sanctum will depict a Kosovan refugee who first sought refuge in Sheffield 15 years before returning to the city – this much talked about play has touched the hearts of many hardened workers in Sheffield’s RAS sector!  Live music from Amporf folk band will be a feature at Moor Deli on World Refugee Day and ASSIST’s World Over Concert will also return, this year focussing on Africa.

Whatever you do this Refugee Week, here at OKSC we warmly invite you to join us in recognising and celebrating the contribution that refugees and asylum seekers make to our communities and culture.  Happy Refugee Week 2015