Hot Hot Dolma!

28 Dolma is such a lovely dish it deserves its own blog post, maybe even its own page on the blog, or even a whole blog just for itself! One of the great things about it is that it’s something lots of people can get involved in, as folding the stuffing into the leaves and onion shells is time consuming, but also lots of fun. Another great thing is that it’s very healthy and easy enough to make meat and vegetarian versions at one time. Finally it looks absolutely beautiful on the plate and given that people tend to eat with their eyes before they taste a bite of food, it’s nice to know that we have a dish to satisfy all the senses.

At Open Kitchen we like the idea of producing dishes that people might not be able to have at home. Members from asylum backgrounds have said that they don’t often have meat due to costs and some of our English friends have said that they don’t get enough vegetables day to day, so Dolma is the perfect dish to meet everyone’s needs.


With or without Dolma, the most important thing at Open Kitchen is when everyone sits down together to eat. We have snacks and coffee before the meal and we also provide the odd take away, but eating together is really the thing that makes Open Kitchen special for everyone involved. As the people that come are from different backgrounds, cultures and age groups there is always something to talk about and we have a lot of fun. Anyone in Sheffield reading this who hasn’t paid us a visit yet, come on down! Send your friends! You will have a great time and you might even get involved with the making of Dolma!


For anyone looking at all the lovely food pictures thinking “How do they do it?” please see the short educational clip below šŸ™‚ Bon appetit – we look forward to welcoming you soon in the kitchen!