John’s card puzzle

oksc 160215 013We’re very lucky at Open Kitchen to have a professional filmmaker in our midst.  So this Monday, while Nes was busy in the kitchen battling spinach and paneer, some of us decided to try out our own bit of video based shenanakins.   Not everyone at Open Kitchen wants to appear in pictures or film, which is fair enough really because it largely involves being a bit daft, usually for the purpose of impressing future potential funders (“Oh go on, it will be fun – the funders will love it!”).

So, this week we had a Flip camera, but the question was, what could we film and more to the point, who would be willing to appear in such a film?

Now one member at Open Kitchen who is definitely not shy is our John.  John joined the group after Christmas and he has amazed and delighted us all with card tricks and puzzles.  One such puzzle intrigued me so much that I bought a pack of cards and spent the whole weekend practising…  It seemed to be impossible to get it right and John was adamant that I’d never be able to work it out – hence the determination to crack it!

So, the plan was simple.  Get John to do the puzzle on camera, explaining it first and then doing it as fast as he could while being filmed.  I would then try to beat his time, having finally figured out how to do it after much head scratching and fruity language.  Finally, we would find a willing victim, sorry volunteer, to try to do the puzzle, of course not be able to, and prove on film that John and I are destined for the higher ranks of the magic circle.  Well the following clips pretty much say it all…  I’m particularly pleased with the genuine dismay in my voice at the end of the final clip – sadly I’m not a great actor, that was real emotion right there!  Please remember, no proper filmmakers were involved in the making of these clips!