Busy in the Kitchen!

2212 10Well it’s been a busy time and getting busier every week! The party in December was great fun. We got warmed up with some Salsa dancing and then tucked into a feast! Since we’ve come back from hols we have seen the group growing every week with over 30 guests each of the last two weeks. It’s great that word is getting out that it’s a nice place to come and that everyone is welcome! Table tennis, card tricks and loom band creations are some of the ways people are entertaining themselves and each other and of course there’s always plenty to do for those that like to lend a hand. We’ve seen lots of new members helping out in the kitchen whether that be taking the lead, helping to prep food or the washing up, everyone feels they have found a home from home, chores included at no extra charge! We now have a laptop that we bring along every week and the lovely folk at St Andrew’s let us log onto their WiFi for free. It gets used for many things from playing members favourite songs on Youtube to setting up email accounts and booking services that can only be accessed online – a barrier to many of our members that we are happy to help them overcome. Hopefully we’ll get some more people blogging in the sessions soon as well.